"We don’t solve problems by using the same sort of thinking that we used to create them.”(Albert Einstein)

Like any other business, yours has information… data.  But is it working for you?  Are you able to get to it easily and use it to make good decisions?  Sometimes, it helps to have someone help you take a step back and “think outside of the box”.  Sometimes, it is just a matter of having the right tools.  Tools to find the data, organize it, understand it, and then use it.

AO Associates, Inc. knows now to build the software tools for YOUR business.  And we build them to work for you… day in and day out.

Once we know your need, we look for an existing software solution.  Did someone already build something that works? We can help you choose the right package, if it exists, and we can help you make it work.

But, once in a while, there is nothing out there that meets the need.  You may already have good data in an older (“legacy”) system that “works just fine”.  You may have several seemingly incompatible systems that “need to talk”.  You may have a unique problem to solve that deserves a custom solution.  AO Associates, Inc. has the talent and the resources to create the right solution at the right price.

One more thing… You may need help with an existing project mid-stream.  AO Associates, Inc. was founded years ago as a manager of contract programmers.  The relationships we have built in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area over the years gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to finding the right software engineer with the right skills for your project.