About Us

Aprill Oberkrom started AO Associates, Inc. in 1995 to manage third party software contracts in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  From there, it has grown into a company capable of a wide range of services from custom software development to system integration for medium and small business.  AO Associates, Inc. currently supports a variety of for-profit and non-profit business types with LANs, WANs, internet connectivity, websites, and high bandwidth infrastructure.

Why we are different. We know exactly how you feel… when you invest a dollar for your business, it should somehow increase profitable revenue, and it shouldn’t take forever… it should make your business better fast.”

We know there is pressure now to ‘computerize’.  Everyone seems to be doing it.  Often it is the ‘bone’ that we throw a problem to make it go away… it seems easy, and, often, it doesn’t work.”

We will be honest with you about what will work. Our knowledge, experience, and passion for our business are AO Associates’ greatest assets. That’s what we bring to the table- - it’s our strength… we can help you with these decisions. We can help sort out all the information to come up with the right technology, the right software solution to make it all work for you. We can help you compare the costs to the benefit, and we can help you keep the costs under control.